The essence of the LURD Candle

The pre-order of our brand-new candle holder is about to start. We have selected and carefully crafted premium quality materials to create our modular candle stand – LURD Candle. The majority of the materials used to create the LURD Candle can be recycled almost completely.

The heart of the candle holder is the wood. The wood has been among the top interior design trends for years now. Each piece is created from the best quality oak. Before going out to the shelf the wood is hand-polished and hand-finished because every little detail matter. Carefully processed solid pieces of oak give the elegant touch to the design of the candle holder.

Side elements of the LURD Candle are made from acrylic glass. This material is 10-20 times stronger and 2 times lighter than glass. It ensures durability and safety of usage rather than having a regular glass which might shatter. We wanted to ensure the easy and seamless experience for you. So, our candleholder is very easy to lift and place anywhere in the house. Side elements are available in multiple colors: white, black and burgundy. You can also choose from the matte and shiny patterns allowing the candle stand to fit into any environment.

Aluminum is the core of the LURD Candle. The patented design of the brackets which hold the structure all together and allow for modularity are produced from aluminum. It is a very strong yet light material, which makes it practical and comfortable to use in the household. Because of the special processing technique which is applied on the aluminum, the resistance to the corrosion and wear increases by the high percentage. It adds up the subtle glow to the whole candle stand as the aluminum perfectly reflects light.

Hurry up to find out more about LURD Candle!

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