The story of VASUTIA

There are many of us nowadays that look at what exists. What each of us can touch and what gets countable results. There are not many that look at one of the most, if not the most important aspect of something that is created, and that is why it exists. Quite a number of people have asked me personally and also others what we are doing as a company. That is also an important thing in the whole aspect of existency but almost no one asked me, why are we doing this? Or, how we do things?

But enough with the questions and lets find out some answers! Let’s go a bit back in time for that. It’s 2014 and I’m getting many ideas of things that I could create. My imagination was going wild with different thoughts and things that could be done in this world. After putting all the ideas together and doing a bit of research I decided that I want to pursue one of them which was the best in my oppinion. Now that I have the “what”, I need to find “how” I can make this thing a reality. I started reading a lot about entrepreneurship and the industry in which my idea was fitting. For two years I was developing the “what” alone, finding out how things are to be done and then I got to a point where I said to myself that I need help if this is going to become real. So in August 2016 I have started this company called: VASUTIA Innovation Group. I will make sure to tell you also the story behing the name but that would be quite long to do now, but I promise one day I will talk also about that! In October of the same year I have launched a website and some social media pages so we can stay in touch with people. By November I have gathered a team of people and together we started developing more the idea that stood at the base of the company.  But it seemed that something was missing or we haven’t managed to figure out.

Along the way we looked at ourselves as an innovative company that wants to change the interior design industry. We called ourselves “The land of innovation” because we believe that we are creating innovative solutions. But that answers to the question of what we are doing not why we are doing things. We haven’t managed to find out the real purpose that stands behind all that we do. It was the kind of feeling you cannot explain but still we wanted to find out  some word to describe it.

A group of people that came together to develop an idea that came from imagination, that is what we were. The best times that we had as a team were the ones when we used our imagination freely and could come up with incredible ideas. That was and is exactly the reason we keep on doing what we do today. The reason why we are doing everything that we do is because of imagination. We want to enable people to use their imagination and that will be our guidance also for the future. We finally found out an answer to the question: why are we doing this?

Now that everyone knows why we are doing this, I’m asking: Do you also believe that more people should be enabled to use their imagination? I believe that great things can be imagined and developed further to create a better world. Let’s all come together for a purpose that will make our world a better place!

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