How LURD Candle came to life

Fire has always been a fascinating element for people. From a spiritual perspective it represents our passions, compulsion, zeal, creativity, and motivation. Many civilizations have been fascinated by this element and by gaining control of it we also began on conquering the darkness.

The candle is by far one of the most recognized things that are known to bring light into the dark and although technology developed new ways of having light, we as humans still feel connected to candles and their beautiful flickering fire.

The formula of LURD is one that is simple. Structure + Panels = LURD. The design concept is defined by its modular capabilities and clean straight lines. Minimalist and Scandinavian design blend beautifully into all the pieces that are marked as being LURD.

By incorporating the element of fire through candles, into the concept a new piece of art came to life that creates experiences that are hard to describe how they feel, but they have to be lived. It’s called LURD Candle and it is the ultimate modular candle holder that will make sure that evenings are feeling very hygge.

“When I created LURD Candle, the words that went through my mind where: warmth, love and appreciation. All of them can be felt through its beautiful craftsmanship.” – Ioan Vasut

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